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There is no doubt that the role of translators and interpreters is crucial for the development of nations as they are facilitators of the communication between them. Translated texts or interpreted communications have a direct impact on other cultures what makes this career so fascinating. But that’s not all, besides that, translators and interpreters enjoy a series of benefits that are specific to their profession. Below, we highlight three of them: 


1. Becoming familiar with different specialized sectors.

Undeniably, the information we translate or interpret acquaints us with the economic, scientific, medical, legal and technological conditions of countries. For that reason, professional translators and interpreters are constantly updated in a wide range of cross-cutting issues and have a vast knowledge and cultural background.

2. Job opportunities beyond borders.

Translators and interpreters, unlike other professionals, have the chance to practice their profession anywhere in the world. Other professionals may need to pursue complementary studies to be able to do so.

3. As language experts, translators and interpreters can easily perform other language-related activities.

Being a translator or interpreter gives us the opportunity not only to interact with different countries, cultures and people, but also to perform a series of multilingual and multicultural activities, such as proofreading, dubbing and subtitling, language consulting, creation of multilingual contents, transcreation, post-editing, among others.


Mary Ann Monteagudo is the executive director and founder of Learning & Language Services SRL, a translation and interpreting agency with more than 25 years of experience. LLS has a team of highly specialized and skilled translators, interpreters and language professionals in different fields and languages to ensure the success of your projects.



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