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Translation Services


It consists of transferring a written text from one language to another and vice versa. We provide translation services in the following fields:

Legal translation

Translation of documents in different areas of law, such as contracts, articles of incorporation, mergers, spin-offs, arbitration awards, minutes and public deeds, wills, insurance policies, legal jurisprudence texts, powers of attorney, patent applications, affidavits, criminal and police records

Judicial and Forensic translation

Translation of documents issued by judicial bodies, such as letters rogatory, summons, notices of service of process, case records, testimony statements, first instance court orders, appellate court orders, writs of certiorari, caselaw, civil lawsuits, answers to claims, appeals, writs, criminal complaints, prosecutor’s information, requests for preventive detention for the purpose of extradition, requests for extradition, requests for lifting of bank secrecy, requests for lifting of secrecy of communications, expert opinions or reports presented in legal proceedings as evidence.

Academic and Personal Documents

Translation of documents issued by elementary or high schools, universities, employers, or government entities such school certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts, reference letters, resumes, birth & marriage certificates, police records, driving licenses and criminal record statements.

Police and military translation

Translation of texts of the police or military jurisdictions, police and military certificates or reports

Translation expert review

Expert report on the authenticity, veracity, or accuracy of a translation

Institutional translation for national and international organizations

Translation of official documents, circulars, ordinances, executive orders, ministerial orders, international agreements, among others

Legislative and regulatory translation

Translation of acts, legislative decrees, emergency decrees, procedural, criminal, civil and constitutional rules, quality standards, among others

Economic, financial, and accounting translation

Translation of economic or financial texts, such as annual reports, financial statements, management reports, bank statements, audits, invoices, receipts, checks, bills of exchange

Business translation

Translation of human resources policies, workers’ manuals, health policies, medical policies, quality policies, company regulations, advertising material, commercial brochures, commercial website content

Technical and scientific translation

Translation of engineering, construction, industrial machinery, electronics, and civil works materials, technical specifications, product sheets, catalogs, instruction manuals, electronic manuals, operation manuals, human resources manuals, safety manuals, software manuals, product guides, instruction guides, maintenance guides, industrial projects, automotive manuals, gastronomy details, textile labels

Medical and pharmaceutical translation.

Translation of free trade certificates, certificates of pharmaceutical products, certificates of product analysis, informed consent documentation, clinical reports, clinical trials, health manuals, training materials

Translation in innovation and digital transformation

Translation of texts related to digital technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data, blockchain, e-commerce, Internet of things, nanotechnology, social collaboration, virtual reality, cloud computing, among others. 



Our company leads the industry through professional, reliable, and efficient services, adapted to each project. We know and understand the activities of each of our clients, and that allows us to be your strategic partners. We give you the support and confidence necessary for the development of your language projects through a team of proficient professionals.



English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Korean, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Peruvian sign language; and the following indigenous or native languages: Quechua, Aymara, Achuar, Ashaninka, Awajún, Kukama, Kukamira, Matsés, Nahua, Nomatsigenga, Sharanahua, Shipibo-Konibo, Wampis, Witoto, among others.

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