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Transcription Services and Other Audiovisual Services


Do you need to transcribe the content of an audio or video file? We are experts in the conversion of multilingual audiovisual content into text. We transcribe voice to text for: presentations and events, online meetings, filmed or recorded interviews, wire taps, court hearings or proceedings. We have a dedicated team of experienced transcribers ready to start transcribing the content of almost any digital file format, which includes MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, WAV or any other format file.

Edited transcription

We transcribe the content of an audiovisual record, omitting hesitant pauses, word crutches, stuttering, repetitions and other accessory elements typical of orality. We recommend it for the transcription of business interviews, press conferences, lectures, round table discussions, presentations, minutes of sessions or meetings, discussions, podcasts, webinars, or virtual seminars

Verbatim transcription

We transcribe everything that the speakers say. All the content of the audiovisual record is transcribed in the most faithful and exact manner possible. It captures all spoken words and non-verbal cues, including fillers, incomplete sentences, grammatical errors, hesitant pauses, laughter, stuttering, repetitions, and mistakes. A verbatim transcription is recommended for interviews, focus groups, expert reports, wire taps, police investigations, court depositions or hearings, among others

Paleographic transcription

We transcribe the content of old manuscripts texts adapting the text to the current orthographic rules or verbatim with the spelling, punctuation, and other characteristics of the time

Dubbing and subtitling

In dubbing, we replace the original soundtrack or audio of your audiovisual recording with the translated audio adjusted to the target language. To do this, the text will be extracted, transcribed, translated, culturally adapted, and lip-synced. In the case of subtitling, we insert subtitles translated into the target language, duly synchronized with the original audiovisual recording. In this case, subtitling involves transcribing, translating, spotting (cueing), and editing

Multilingual voice-over and off-camera voice service

We place an audio track in the language of your choice on top of your original soundtrack, keeping the latter at a reduced volume compared to the volume of the overlapped or off-camera voice. The difference between one service and another is that, in the off-camera voice, the speaker is not visible in the audio-visual record 

Multilingual voiceover

We record audio narrations for your corporate videos, documentaries, commercials, and answering machines in the languages you need.



Our company leads the industry through professional, reliable, and efficient services, adapted to each project. We know and understand the activities of each of our clients, and that allows us to be your strategic partners. We give you the support and confidence necessary for the development of your language projects through a team of proficient professionals.


English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Korean, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Peruvian sign language; and the following indigenous or native languages: Quechua, Aymara, Achuar, Ashaninka, Awajún, Kukama, Kukamira, Matsés, Nahua, Nomatsigenga, Sharanahua, Shipibo-Konibo, Wampis, Witoto, among others.

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