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Why choose us?

Our company leads the industry through professional, reliable, and efficient services, adapted to each project. We know and understand the activities of each of our clients, and that allows us to be your strategic partners. We give you the support and confidence necessary for the development of your language projects through a team of proficient professionals.


Specialized languages are complex and each one has its own jargon and specific characteristics. Legal language presents a formal discourse with formulaic and fixed terms, overloaded lexicon, and complex syntactic constructions. Legal translations or interpretations cannot be done by amateurs or people with little experience and knowledge of law and legal language. Your translations should be entrusted to specialists who will solve your needs and will not generate inaccurate or erroneous translations due to their lack of knowledge. LLS has on its staff highly proficient translators and interpreters who will make sure that your words are delivered with clarity and accuracy.

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Benefits and Advantages

Urgent translations

We have a 24-hour express translation service. Consult language and word count restrictions.

Large volume translations

We can translate large volumes in short times thanks to our extensive network of translators and our experience in managing large translation projects.

Double check

Quality standards require that every translation be reviewed by at least two people. All our translation projects include double review and more.

Security of your documents

You can entrust us with your documents with peace of mind since we have the highest security standards, both physical and virtual: 24-hour staffed surveillance, CCTV surveillance, a fire prevention system, and computer security systems.

Health protocols

We have implemented all the required safety protocols and more. We sanitize with ozone all our office environment and it is daily cleaned by a properly qualified cleaning company. 


Our office is strategically located in the district of Miraflores, in a LEED-Gold certified building with premium office installations and enhanced hygiene and security protocols.

Corporate Social responsibility

We are committed to causes that encourage inclusiveness and effective communication.


More than 26 years in the translation and interpreting industry support us.


We are at the forefront with the latest translation, information and communication technologies.

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Let us help you! Call now +51-955118043 / +51-1-5587229

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